Rosanna M. Nadeau

Rosanna M. Nadeau

Performance Coach

Rosanna is Retired, available on a limited basis for coaching services.

Performance coaching is about elevating performance. Focus is on helping clients unlock their potential, through development and strengthening of skills, knowledge and behavior integral to credibility, relationships and success.

Verify Rosanna Nadeau’s 2018 Coaching Certification here: https://empowermentcoachacademy.com/find-a-professional-life-coach.php

Check Out Rosanna’s Experience Here: http://www.LinkedIn.com/RosannaNadeau


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  • Our Holiday Message 2021-2022
  • Prologue & Roadmap
  • Rosanna Nadeau’s PCELC Coaching Credentials
  • About our Coaching Services
  • Recent Recommendations — Plus!
  • POSTS:
  • The Most Important Step in Landing a Job is Being Prepared for Your Interviews
  • How A Single Skillset Shapes Your Reputation and Relationships
  • Do Politics Really Matter?
  • How to Stand Out as an Employee
  • How Skillful Re-framing Can Transform Work Relationships
  • What is Resilience, Why is it Important, and How Can We Build it?
  • 7 Ways to Instantly Gain Respect at Work
  • Are You About to Start a New Job?
  • 5 Things Successful People Do Every DaySelf-Regulation: A Critical Strength
  • What Drives Behavior 5-Part Series:
    • Mini-Segment I: Your BET
    • Mini-Segment II: A Recipe for Success
    • Mini-Segment III: Cultivating New Behaviors/Habits
    • Mini-Segment IV: Stopping Behavior/Habits
    • Mini-Segment V: Transferring Knowledge & Skills From Training to Real Life
  • To Be Happier and More Successful, Give Higher Priority to Work Relationships
  • The WOW is in The Details!
  • Does Teamwork Come Naturally to People?
  • Inspiration
  • Here’s What’s Coming in 2022…the Next Level of Knowledge and Skills!
  • Envision 2021, Soon 2022 … True/False: “You Didn’t Come This Far to Only Come This Far.”
  • How to Complete a Development Action Plan
  • Articles Planned in 2022!
  • Your Life. Your Masterpiece!
  • Achieve Your 2022 Resolutions and Goals!
  • Sometimes, in business & in life, we find wisdom not in what people think, but in how they think.
  • POSTS:
  • How Businesses Have Shifted to Persevere in Times of Crisis
  • Optimizing the Impact of Training
  • The Critical Company-Wide Need for Strategic Thinking in Today’s Organizations
  • Today’s Organizations Need Managers Who Are Great Coaches
  • Human Potential is the Primary Source of Competitive Advantage
  • There’s Untapped, Game-Changing Power Within Your Organization
  • Agility: The Ability to Zig and Zag
  • The Truth About Trust, Engagement, and Organization Performance
  • Managers: How Many of Your People Have a Meaningful Understanding of Your Company Purpose and Strategy?
  • Building Teamwork for High Performance
  • Managing Chronic Complainers
  • What 3 Actions Can Drive Success for a new CEO?
  • The Secret to Developing Leadership
  • Has Your Employee Suggestion Program Run Out of Gas?
  • Is Competitive Advantage at Risk of Being Lost in the Execution of Your Strategy?
  • The Human Resources Employee Relations Function: A Strategic Value Adder
  • Knowledge Bites
  • The World Has Been Changing. Have You Adapted Your Business Strategy? – Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 – Part 5
  • 5 Insights About Credibility
  • What Do Habits & Mindsets Have to do with Credibility?
  • Framing Can Unlock Understanding and Build Trust
  • What’s the Latest Thing You Learned?
  • Want To Really Engage & Retain Your People? Re-Design Your Customer Visit Program.
  • 5 Of The Most Inspiring Facts Ab out Motivation
  • 3 Communication Mistakes That Destroy Your Credibility
  • We Expect Leaders to Bring Out the Best in Others. But, To Be A High Performer Short-And-Long Term, Bring Out The Best In Yourself! Part 1 of 2 and Part 2 of 2
  • Are You Aware of the Power of Your Presence?
  • POSTS:
  • You’re Creating Your Legacy Every Day, Whether You Realize it or Not
  • Making Your Company an Employer of Choice
  • Manufacturing Metrics and the Yellow Brick Road
  • Training: A Strategic Investment
  • Dare to Disrupt Your Performance Review Process
  • 4 Steps to Write a Job Posting That Attracts Candidates
  • What’s H.R.’s Strategic Role?
  • The Hard Truth About Leading Lasting Change
  • The 10 Key Components of a Workplace Investigation
  • The Secret to Optimizing R.O.I. on Compensation, Commission and Bonus Programs
  • How the Right Metrics Can Drive Strategic Growth and Profitability
  • The Value Chain, Strategy and Profits: A Top Priority for Leaders Today
  • 12 Little Ways Managers Unintentionally Foster Negativity
  • The #1 Mistake Managers Make
  • Think Differently, Lead Differently, Part I
  • Think Differently, Lead Differently, Part II
  • Think Differently, Lead Differently, Part III
  • 5 Steps to Write a Job Posting That Attracts Candidates
  • Hiring Managers: Is Your New Hire Onboarding and Orientation Process Accelerating Their Success?
  • Library: Reciprocity:
  • Library: Time Management and Productivity
  • Library: Creativity
  • Library: Decision Making
  • Library: Gurus as Mentors to Leaders
  • Library: Enabling Effective Team Communication
  • Library: Leadership and Human Capital
  • Library: Business Success Through Customer Service
  • Library: Innovation
  • Library: Self-Confidence
  • Library: How to Do Well in a Job Interview
  • Library: How Our Minds Work

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